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* described in Scott as, "Allied Territories and Republics, Occupation Areas"

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Offices - Entities - Scott vs Gibbons

Russia, Offices Abroad
Country ID First Issue Sequence # Notes
China 340 1899 2  
Turkish Empire, general issue 112 1st January 1863 1  

Russian Occupation Issues
Country / Area ID First Issue Sequence # Notes
Latvia   1919    
Lithuania WW1   1919
Lithuania WW2   21st August 1940

Russian Entities
Country ID First Issue Sequence # Notes
  [Armenia]       see Europe
Aunus (Olonets)        
  [Azerbaijan]       see Europe
  [Estonia]       see Europe
Far Eastern Republic        
  [Georgia]       see Europe
  [Latvia]       see Europe
  [Lithuania]       see Europe
North Ingermanland        
Russian Turkestan        
  Siberia       see Europe
South Russia 472, 473, 474, 490, 512 Oct 1918 - Aug 1920 1a-e  
Tannu Tuva 556 October 1926 4  
Transcaucasion Federated Republics 536 15th September 1923 3  
  [Ukraine]       see Europe
Wenden (Livonia)        
Ukraine, Western 481, 494 20th November 1918 2  

It is unlikely that the Sequence # can be used sensibly in this context where some of the entries are multiple.

Scott Russia
Scott, Russia

The approaches to this subject by Scott and Gibbons are very different. Scott lists the entities as shown on the right and listed above. Gibbons in Russia (Part 10, 5th edn., 1999) at the end of the general Russia listing has 20+ pages of their Russian entitles in the following structure:

Russian Civil War Issues 1918-20 Notes
A     North West Russia  
  I   Northern Army  
  II   North-Western Army  
  III   Western Army Scott: Latvia, Russian Occ.
B     Siberia  
  I   Siberia: Govt of Admiral Kolchak  
  II   Transbaikal Province: Regime of the Ataman Semyonov  
  III   Amur Province: Communist Regime  
  IV   Far Eastern Republic  
  V   Priamur and Maritime Provinces: Anti-Bolshevist Govt.  
  VI   Soviet Union: Issue for the Far East  
C     South Russia  
  I   Kuban Territory: Cossack Govt.  
  II   Don Territory: Cossack Govt.  
  III   Crimea: Regional Govt  
  IV   South Russia: Govt. of General Denikin  
  V   South Russia: Govt. of General Wrangel  
  VI   Gorskaya ASSR  
D     Czechoslovak Army in Siberia, Military Post  
E     White Russia (Belorussia)  
F     Russian Refugees Post, General Wrangel  
    A Stamps of Russia  
    B Stamps of Southe Russia  
    C Stamps of Russian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire  
British Occupation  
Finnish Occupation  
  I   Aunus  
  II   Eastern Karelia  
German Occupation  
Polish Consular Post in Odessa  
Polish Military Post  
  I   Polish Corps in Russia, 1918  
  II   Polish Army in Russia, 1942  


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