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Netherlands (Dutch) New Guinea

1st January 1950

- Changes of Administration

Dutch Colony 4  

  Sc1-21 xxx

Printed by J. Enschedé & Sons, Haarlem.

Description Date Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Design 1, perf 12½x13½, no wmk, photo
1 cent slate blue   1        
2c deep orange   2        
2½c olive-brown   3        
3c deep plum   4        
4c blue-green   5        
5c ultra   6        
7½c orange-brown   7        
10c purple   8        
12½c crimson   9        
Design 2, perf 13½x12½, no wmk, photo
15c brown-orange   10        
20c blue   11        
25c orange-red   12        
30c deep blue 1952 13        
40c blue-green   14        
45c brown 1952 15        
50c deep orange   16        
55c brown-black 1952 17        
80c purple   18        
Design 3, perf 12½x12, no wmk, engraved
1 gulden red   19        
2g yellow-brown 1952 20        
5g dark olive-green   21        

Date of issue, where not 1950.

To paraphrase Gibbons [1], the Netherlands claimed north-west New Guinea in 1828 and an 1884-5 treaty established the borders between Dutch, British and German New Guinea, amended in 1895. The stamps of the Netherlands Indies were used until 1949, when that became independent as Indonesia.

West New Guinea,
West Irian,
Irian Barat
1962 Sc1a SG1 1963 Sc20 SG1

Changes of Administration

Indonesia continued to claim the area and in October 1962 administration was tranferred to the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) as West New Guinea with the intention of transferring control to Indonesia in 1963. Overprinted Netherlands New Guinea stamps were issued. There were two versions of the overprint, one made locally (dull ink, SG1-19) and the other by Enschedé (shiny ink, SG20-38). Scott lists only one set in the Standard catalogue [2] as Sc1a-19a, but notes that there are two local and two Enschedé overprints distinguishable by size and detailed in the US Specialised catalogue.

The tranfer took place on 1st May 1963 and the name changed to Irian Barat (West Irian). These are listed with Indonesia in Scott and by Gibbons in Pt. 21.

Sources: ScS [2], SGP4 [1], SGP21.

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