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British East Africa

23rd May 1890

- Independence

British colony 47, 71, 74, 79

Africa 31

  #1 xxx

perf 14, imperial crown wmk

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
GB stamps surcharged
½ anna on 1 penny deep purple   1 1      
1a on 2d grey-green and carmine   2 2      
4a on 5d dull purple and blue   3 3      

Imperial Administration
1895 Sc38 SG33

From 1887 the British East Africa Association administered the area but when the company ran into financial difficulties in 1894, control passed to the British govt. and subsequent stamps were inscribed British East Africa (from 1895 Sc38 SG33). In April 1901, the postal administration was merged with that of Uganda as East Africa and Uganda Protectorates.

In July 1920, Kenya and Uganda became a Crown Colony, "with the exception of a costal strip, previously part of Zanzibar, which remained a protectorate" (Gibbons [1]). Jubaland was ceded to Italy in June 1925 and became part of Italian Somaliland. In January 1993 the postal administration merged with that of Tanganyika.

East Africa and Uganda Protectorates
Kenya and Uganda
Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika
Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
1903 Sc1 SG1
FICC 519
1922 Sc18 SG76
FICC 530
1935 Sc42 SG110
FICC 573
1965 Sc148 SG211

Scott [2] lists these issues under Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania (not Tanganyika), Gibbons under Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika.
In April 1964, Tanganyika joined Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, later renamed Tanzania.


1963 Sc1 SG1 1962 Sc83 SG99 1965 Sc8 SG128

Kenya gained independence in December 1963, Uganda in October 1962 and, as noted above, Tanganyika joined Zanzibar to form … Tanzania