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including Benadir, Italian Somaliland and Oltre Giuba (Jubaland)

12th October 1903

- Changes of Administration

Italian colony 2, 2a

Africa 23

  #1 #3 xxx

perf14, crown wmk, typo
Printed at the Govt. Printing Works, Turin

Description design Scott SG Mi Y&T  
1 besa brown 1 1 1      
2b blue-green 1 2 2      
1 anna carmine-red 2 3 3      
2a orange-brown 2 4 4      
2½a blue 2 5 5      
5a orange-yellow 2 6 6      
10a lilac 2 7 7      

Italian Somaliland
Oltre Giuba
1905 Sc8 SG8 1925 Sc1 SG1

The previous name of what is now Somalia was Benadir which translates as "landing places'. Italian companies leased local ports and from 1898 the area was administered by the Benadir company. Gibbons [1] disctinguishes between the set of seven stamps inscribed Benadir and the Italian Somaliland, but Scott lists them all under the latter. Italy bought the sovereign rights to the Benadir ports in 1905 for £144,000 and extended their interest by buying neighbouring land from Ethiopia in 1908 for £120,000. Gibbons regards Sc8 SG8 as the first issue for Italian Somaliland.

In 1924 Britain ceded a strip of land to Italy which became Italian Jubaland, or Oltre Giuba. It was incorporated into Italian Somaliland in June 1926.

On 1st June 1936, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Italian Somaliland were combined to form Italian East Africa.

Changes of Administration

British admin.
Italian Trust Territory
1943 Sc1 SG-S1 1950 Sc170 SG233 1960 Sc242 SG353

In February 1941, British and South African troops occupied Somalia and overprinted British stamps (E.A.F. = East African Forces) were used from 1942 until 1950.
In November 1949, Somalia was placed under United Nations Trusteeship, with Italy as the trustee, on the understanding that it would become independent after ten years.
In May 1960 the British Somaliland Protectorate joined with Italian Somalia and became in independent republic in July 1960.

Sources: ScS [2], SGP8 [1].

Image from David Olson, colnect, ebay.

FI ref: 386, 552, 595, 661 Page credit: NB

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