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Gilbert & Ellice Islands

Gilbert Islands, Kiribati

1st January 1911

- Kiribati

British colony 65
Oceania 12

  1911 Sc1-7 xxx

perf 14, wmk multiple crown CA

Description   Scott SG Mi Y&T  
Stamps of Fiji overprinted
½ penny green   1 1      
1d carmine   2 2      
2d grey   3 3      
2½d ultra   4 4      
5d violet and olive green   5 5      
6d violet   6 6      
1 shilling black, green   7 7      

The catalgues note that ordinary paper was used for for Sc1-4 and chalky paper for Sc5-7.

A group of islands north east of Australia, annexed by GB in that became a GB colony in 1915.

The colony separated into the Gilbert Islands (comprising Gilbert Islands, Phoenix, Ocean and Line Islands) and Tuvalu in 1976. The first issue for the Gilbert Islands was a set of 14 overprints. Scott numbers sequentially, while Gibbons starts again at SG1 and lists a dedicated set of 3 stamps as the first issue.

Gilbert Islands 1976
Gilbert Islands
1976 Sc253-266 SG3-22
Oceania 14
1979 Sc325 SG84


In July 1979, the Gilbert Islands became independent and the name changed to Kiribati. Both catalogues number contiguously this time.

Sources: ScS, SGP1, SGS.

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FI ref: 416, 715, 720 Page credit: NB

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